Actual Kendall customers share their experiences


Service Customer

"My husband and I now live in Portland. We will only go to Kendall for the service of our Acura. It's the first 'car company' I have ever felt any kind of loyalty. Thank you Kendall for giving us this experience!"


Online Negotiation Customer

"I bought a 2010 RAV4 Sport V6 4WD. I did the price negotiations through the Kendall web site. It's a great way to buy a car. All of the inquiries and bids I made on line received a very fast and courteous response. I appreciated the fact the the Kendall people didn't give me the "hard sell" on the car. They were open, friendly and very accommodating. It was the best experience I've had in buying a car."

Scott Flamme

Fairbanks Service Customer

"My service experience with Tony was better than I have ever recieved from auto service company. The seamless service and professional staff makes you feel like you are appreciated - which is not typical of most Fairbanks auto dealers. I have to say that other auto dealerships have alot to learn or they will loose customers to a superior product and to exceptional service. Thanks for the great service."


Chevrolet Service Customer

"Donovan has helped me through many of my repairs at Kendall and has always provided exceptional service. You should know he is very knowledgeable, polite and honest in his approach to your customers."

Scott & Molly Marler

Toyota Customer

"HANDS DOWN.....the best experience I have EVER had buying a vehicle. Kendall has the absolute best online information, technology, and response compared to their competition in AK. It has been over a week since I first started researching used vehicles on the internet. I posted several inquiries with Kendall competition and still have NEVER gotten a response. Kendall responded to my request before I had even exited their website. THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE. The entire experience was a pleasant surprise."

J Schnider

Ford Customer

"I have never experienced such professional attention and consideration from a car dealership as I received at Kendall Ford of Wasilla. The patience and understanding shown to me by absolutely everyone associated with Kendall Ford was unbelievable. I took the better part of an entire year before finally deciding what I wanted exactly, and when I wanted it, and at no time was I ever made the target for high pressure sales of any kind, nor was I ever made to feel as if I was wasting anyone's time. Additionally, when I finally did make my decision to purchase, my customer service representative, Mr. Doc Kane, made himself available to me 24/7. He answered all of my questions no matter when I asked. This included both late nights and week-ends. Still, at no time did the high pressure sales ever start--not ever! I ordered my vehicle from the factory, and Doc kept me abreast of every stage of the process--from the factory receiving the order, through the assembly process, its trip to the railhead, etc., and all the way to Wasilla, AK! The exceptional service certainly didn't stop there, by any means. The detail with which everyone concerned inspected the vehicle was absolutely impressive,to say the least. Doc personally ensured eveerything I ordered was present on the vehicle and in perfect working condition, Additionally, Doc went over absolutely every aspect of the entire loan process not only to my satisfaction, but more importantly, he took the time to ensure my wife understood absolutely everything, as well! When the time came to finalize all of the loan paperwork and to actually sign all of the associated documents, Doc introduced us to the individual responsible, and that person also spent a great deal of time explaining every option available to us! The high quality of care and genuine concern for the customer was apparent at every location within the dealership--Doc took us around to meet everyone from Parts and Service to even the folks who would provide us with transportation to anywhere in the city while my vehicle was being serviced--and at no time did the attitudes change! I highly recommend this place to anyone in the market for a vehicle--I have on several occasions already, and will continue to do so. The professionalism is without equal! "

Greg Wilson

Chevrolet Service Customer

"The service is the Best. The work is done on time. I feel the service is a great value. I WILL RETURN FOR MORE SERVICE WORK. I have to travel 130 miles but the service is worth it. THANKS. "

Justin Andryjowicz

Toyota Customer

"Scott was very informative and helpful. He took the time to explain to me everything that was being done in a manner that made sense without 'dumbing it down'. As well, after hearing that I had just moved to Alaska from California, he took the time to explain to me various customer level vehicle maintenance tips to help me prolong the performance and appearance of my vehicle, as well as other tips for owning a vehicle in this sort of wintery environment. Most importantly, though, his friendly and welcoming nature made me feel as if he, Kendell Toyota, and Toyota itself truly appreciated my business and wanted me to be happy with my decision to choose them as the place to care for my vehicle."

Martha A. Reinbold

Service Customer

"Barbara's attention to detail and her desire to listen to my concerns is consistently appreciated. I know she will take care of me properly and I value that personal one on one relationship. I know she doesn't remember me from visit to visit, but I remember her and ask for her. I know Kendall provides excellent mechanical service, but what makes the difference is the personalized feeling Barbara shares with her customers. I'm not going anywhere else."

Warren Chesebro

Ford Customer

"We purchased a 97 Ford F350 from Kendall Ford in Eugene, Oregon and had the best car (truck) buying experience of our life. Tim Gonya is a supperb salesman, with a genuine character of integrity and appreciation for customer care. Furthermore, our tranny went out last year, and Kendall was there to go above and beyond to help us out in getting the situation taken care of. We do own a Subaru, but didn't purchase it at Kendall. We did have some major Warrenty issues last year, that weren't covered, but that wasn't Kendall's fault. Even in my frustration and multiple calls to try and get the repairs covered, Fairbanks Kendall remained professional and was patient to explain everything to me. It is because of our experience with the Eugene team, that we continue our relationship with Kendall up here. My fav service rep is Susan, but I seem to get a different one every time. Please keep your focus the same and your business will thrive. God Bless ya'll and thanks again."

Sonja Fry

Ford Customer

"I must say that I found Dave to be sincere and sensitive to my needs, I told him I didn't want to be at the dealership for longer then 30 minutes, and he honored my request, he heard me and followed through, I also found him to be accomodating and helpful. Nice guy, would definitely send someone his way. I want to make an additional comment on the business manager, she was very professional, no-nonsense and efficient, she completed the paperwork quickly and I was in and out of there in no time, not only that she shopped around and found me a lower int rate and called me the next day. Wow!! Great Service. Being a single parent is scary for me, but I felt like your employees understood me. I loved it!! I don't feel comfortable car shopping, frankly it's not my strong point and I'm not a good haggler at all, but I would definitely return to your dealership for business, you have 2 great staff that I met and worked with. Very professional - both of them and friendly. I was pretty impressed with your employees, usually I feel pretty yucky after leaving a car dealership but this time I felt like I was treated with respect and honor. Thanks Kendall, you just earned another customer because I will send someone your way. "

Shannon Kalb

Ford Customer

"I just wanted to send you guys a "shout out" to say thanks for having such a great team working for you. I am the Activities Director at Lone Oak Assisted Living Facility and we recently purchased a new Ford Bus and had some initial warranty work done at Kendall Ford. On the receipt was a coupon for a "complimentary deluxe wash" so I drove over to your Goodpasture location yesterday to get our bus all cleaned up. To my dismay our bus was way too big for the automatic wash and I was out of luck. I turned down the new car aisle to leave and saw your crew working on the display cars. I needed them to move their truck with the water tank so I could exit and they did, I explained my situation and they offered to help me out! They all pitched in and got my bus all cleaned up! They said "Compliments of Kendall!" Now that is what I call going above and beyond. This kind of customer service and hard work will keep me praising Kendall!! Thanks again!"

Mary Gilbert

Toyota Customer

"I wanted to write and let you know that I ended up buying a 98 Toyota from the used car lot her in Anchorage it might have more miles than I would have like but I'm counting on it holding up to the old Toyota standards. I also wanted to thank you for all your help and how great it was to work with such a great group of people, the guys in Anchorage and renewed my faith in the Car Salesman. Pun intended. Travis was so proffesional and knew his job and just got it done loved him. Randy the sales person was a great help and really did a great job. Now on to James in finance wow too funny what a great guy as tired as I was and as late as it was I just wanted to just sit and chat with him also an ace at what he does. I was there for four hours until they were actually locking the doors and everyone still had on a smile. I'm so impressed with your customer service it goes through the whole dealership not just one area and I'm positive I will be doing more business with you in the future. I also think that the employee attidudes at the dealership are a direct reflection of how the manager treats them. Kendall rocks!!! "

Jason Wudarski

Ford Customer

"When I arrived at the dealership I had two and a half hours before I had to head out to the airport. I was just going to look at the prices on the new F250's and come back later. Well, as soon as I got there, a salesperson was there to help me find my F250 and assured me that he could get me on the road to the airport within my timeframe. So, I ended up finding an F250 that I liked, bought and financed it and was on the road to pick up my buddy in my brand new truck right on time. This is the fifth Ford truck that I have bought and this was the best buying experience out of all of them. Thank you Kendall Ford!"

Richard Jay

Ford Customer

"Our salesperson at Kendall Ford was absolutely wonderful. He was very personal and friendly. He made us feel very comfortable. He involved our daughter in all conversations and made her feel like she was a part of the buying decision. We would recommend Kendall to all of our friends and would purchase from them again. Thank you for all of your help."

Jesus Trejo

Toyota Customer

"I have had friends recommend this dealership to me and when my car had problems, I remembered their comments. I live over 200 miles from the Kendall Toyota dealership in a small town with many capable mechanics. But I have since decided it is worth the trip to Anchorage because of the quality and amazing service that Kendall Toyota offers."